Sunday, December 27

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Worship at Home for Sunday, December 27, 2020

Gathering Song
“The First Noel” Moscow UMC Bell Choir

Welcome Rev. Khalif Smith, First Mesa UMC

Special Music
“Not So Silent Night” by Point of Grace
sung by Rebecca Rennick, North Scottsdale UMC

Scripture Reading Isaiah 9.2,6-7 Nicholle Hansen, First Mesa UMC
Christmas Love Letters from God

“Isaiah’s Good News”
Rev. Misty Howick, Spirit Song UMC
(From “Christmas Love Letters from God” by Glenys Nellist)
John 8.12 says, “I am the light of the world.”
Dear Church,
I think you know who that special baby was. It was, Jesus! Jesus is the one who would grow up to be a King. Jesus is the one who would bring light into the darkness. As you celebrate his birth this Christmas, I want you to remember something very important. When you see all those twinkling lights around you, remember the best light of all is from Jesus. He is the light of the whole world. Now that really is good news!
With Love, God

Lighting the Christ Candle
Light that comes in the darkness.
Light of the world in our midst.
within and without,
ll around us
shining bright
leading us forward.
of the world.
The Christ Child
born to be light
born to spread love
born to bring peace.
May we be the light
of the world.
(Written by Rev. Melissa Rynders)
Carol “O Come, All Ye Faithful” UMH #234 v.1-3,6

Scripture Reading Luke 1.46-55 Zoe Smith, First Mesa UMC
Christmas Love Letters from God
“Mary’s Song”
Rev. Eve Williams, Advent UMC
(From “Christmas Love Letters from God” by Glenys Nellist)
Isaiah 58.8 says, “The light of my blessing will shine on you.”
Dear Church,
How do you feel when you hear people singing Christmas carols? Does it make you feel happy and warm inside? When I heard Mary
singing her song that was how I felt. It made me so happy inside. I knew she had listened to me, and she was ready to do what I asked.
When you listen to me, and you are ready to do what I ask, my wonderful blessings will shine on you too.
With Love, God
Call to Offering Rev. Khalif Smith
Prayer of Thanksgiving Rev. Khalif Smith
Scripture Reading Matthew 1.18-24 Rev. Stephen Govett, Trinity UMC Phoenix
Christmas Love Letters from God
“Joseph’s Dream”
Rev. Efrain Zavala, Prescott UMC
(From “Christmas Love Letters from God” by Glenys Nellist)
Isaiah 41.10 says, “I will make you strong and help you.”
Dear Church,
I am so glad Joseph said yes to me. I knew he would be a wonderful husband to Mary and a good role model for Jesus. What a special job he had! Never be afraid to say yes to me. When you hear those quiet whispers in your heart- whatever I say, whatever I might ask you to do- remember that just like I helped Joseph, I will help you too.
Love, God
Carol “Joy to the World” UMH #246
Scripture Reading Luke 2.1-5 Rev. Ann Lyter, Scottsdale UMC
Christmas Love Letters from God
“Bethlehem’s Road”
Rev. Mary Dotson, Green Valley Henderson
(From “Christmas Love Letters from God” by Glenys Nellist)
Isaiah 45.2 says, “I will march out ahead of you.”
Dear Church,
Who do you think was leading the way on that long read to Bethlehem? Do you think it was Joseph? Or maybe the donkey? Well, guess what- I was in the lead! I went in front of Mary and Joseph to guide them all on the way to Bethlehem. I will lead you in your life too. Wherever you travel, I will go before you.
With Love, God
Special Music
“He Has Come For Us”
arranged by Jason Ingram, Meredith Andrews
sung by Erin & John Daddona, Sanctuary UMC

Scripture Reading Luke 2.6-7 Nicholle Hansen
Christmas Love Letters from God
“Jesus Joy!”
Rev. Dave Wasson, Dove of the Desert
(From “Christmas Love Letters from God” by Glenys Nellist)
Luke 2.11 says, “A Savior has been born to you.”
Dear Church,
Doesn’t it make you feel good when you give someone a very special gift? When I gave Jesus, to Mary, it made me feel wonderful!
And do you know why? It’s because the gift of Jesus wasn’t just for her. Jesus was my gift to the whole world, and that includes you.
Jesus is your Savior. And he is the very best gift you could ever receive.
With Love, God
Carol “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” UMH #211 v. 1,2,6

Scripture Reading Luke 2.8-14 Keira Pierce, Sanctuary UMC
Christmas Love Letters from God
“Shepherds Surprise”
Rev. Melissa Rynders, Sanctuary UMC
(From “Christmas Love Letters from God” by Glenys Nellist)
Jeremiah 33.3 says, “I will tell you great things.”
Dear Church,
Can you imagine how special those shepherds felt when the angel came to them? They were the first ones to hear about the birth of Jesus. What wonderful news they heard that night! I love to tell people great things. And guess what? You are just as special to me as those shepherds- and I will tell you great things too. Just keep your heart open and listen and share that great news with others.
Love, God

Special Music
“In the Highest Glory”
Sacramento Country Day School
3rd Grade Singers
Jim & Jean Strathdee

Scripture Reading Matthew 2.1-11 Rev. Jonathan Arnpriester, Chandler UMC
Christmas Love Letters from God

“Wise Men’s Wonder”
Rev. Khalif Smith
(From “Christmas Love Letters from God” by Glenys Nellist)
Jeremiah 29.13 says, ”You will find me.”
Dear Church,
The wise men had to travel so far to find Jesus. But you don’t have to travel anywhere to find him, because Jesus is right there with you. And did you know you can bring gifts to him too? (You just don’t have to ride a camel to bring yours!) In fact, every time you pray to him, every time you sing a song to him, every time you help someone else- you are giving a gift to Jesus.
And now, here’s one more gift you can give. Open up your heart and share your hope, peace, joy and love with Jesus. He will love it! It will be the best Christmas gift I have ever received. I am so grateful for each of you, the angels among us.
I Love You!
Carol “We Three Kings” UMH #254 v. 1,2,5

A Christmas Reflection Rev. Melissa Rynders
Special Music
“Glory” (Let There be Peace)
by Matt Maher
sung by Virtual Praise Choir, First UMC Phoenix
Rev. Khalif Smith, Rev. Mary Dotson, Rev. Dave Wasson, Rev. Melissa Rynders

Sending Forth “Joy to the World”
arranged by Michael Bedford, Karen Taylor, organist, First UMC Mesa

Lessons & Carols
A service created by Rev. Melissa Rynders adapted from and “Christmas Love Letters from God” by Glenys Nellist) Gathering Song
Special Thank you to Gavin Rittenhouse and Karen Taylor for leading us in the hymns.
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CCLI #1239
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