Youth At Christ Church 


10:30 AM Youth Group


5:45 PM Dinner

 6:30PM-8PM Youth Group


 Jr. High Youth 6th-8th Grade 

~~~Our Jr.High Youth Do A Lot~~~

Local week long mission, have overnights at the church, movie nights,
Bible studies, car washes, ice cream nights, basketball courts on campus,
dodge ball, district-wide events, rummage sales, foosball and pool table
in the youth building.  

Sr. High Youth 9th-12th Grade

~~~Our Sr.High Youth Do A Lot~~~

Nation wide mission trips up to 10 days long, live concerts,
Pima County fair, district-wide events, overnights, rock climbing,
foosball and pool tables, the famous Dano DQ nights (you have to be there),
Frontier Sunday, rummage sales, and conferences.  

For more information regarding Family Ministries at Christ Church,

please contact  the church office (520) 327-1116.