Youth At Christ Church 


10:30 AM Youth Group


5:45 PM Dinner

 6:30PM-8PM Youth Group


 Jr. High Youth 6th-8th Grade 

~~~Our Jr.High Youth Do A Lot~~~

Local week long mission, have overnights at the church, movie nights,
Bible studies, car washes, ice cream nights, basketball courts on campus,
dodge ball, district-wide events, rummage sales, foosball and pool table
in the youth building.  

Sr. High Youth 9th-12th Grade

~~~Our Sr.High Youth Do A Lot~~~

Nation wide mission trips up to 10 days long, live concerts,
Pima County fair, district-wide events, overnights, rock climbing,
foosball and pool tables, the famous Dano DQ nights (you have to be there),
Frontier Sunday, rummage sales, and conferences.  

Meet Our Adults.


Dano~ Been on more mission trips then you can count. He is also the man behind the famous…

Dano DQ nights! 


Alisa~ Teaching children on Sunday and leading youth on Wednesday – she is one brave person.


Tammie~ Been around Christ Church since Jesus was a youth. Oh yeah, and she is a registered emergency nurse!


Papa John~ Christ Church Youth Official Grandpa. He is the kind of grandpa we dream of being one day. 

Jamie~ From social work to mission trips to pursuing ordination, Jamie is unstoppable! 



Wes~ He loved youth group at Christ Church so much as a teen that he became a youth leader.


For more information regarding Family Ministries at Christ Church,

please contact  Aviry Christy, our Director of Family Ministries,

at the church office (520) 327-1116.