Aviry Christy

Director of Family Ministries

Aviry Christy comes to Christ Church with a background of teaching, leading church youth groups and going down class four rapids in canoes.  His background in churches and camps gives him solid experience in knowing the value of flexibility.  In the past he may have spent the morning life-guarding, the afternoon teaching an outdoor botany lesson and the evening planning curriculum for Bible Study.  At Christ Church this ability to “switch gears” will see him through visiting the nursery and learning about trains from a three year old or over in the Sunday school room playing a game that brings The Bible lesson to life for the 1st-5th graders. He may also be sitting down with the middle and high school students talking about tough topics or throwing a rubber chicken around. And somewhere in between all that getting the paperwork done.

Aviry has worked and volunteered with kids since his high school days as an assistant coach, preschool volunteer and amusement park attendant.  After graduating he began to drop in and help out with the Junior High youth in his home church.  It didn’t take long for a leading member of the church to approach him and suggest that he commit to youth leadership, and he has never looked backed.  Aviry has continued to work with children and youth since that time, in a wide array of capacities.  You will see this on Wednesday nights at Christ Church where he may be found in the kitchen helping the chefs, prepping for Wednesday Night Youth or checking on the children music staff (while juggling that ever-present paperwork).

During the week Aviry plans events, meets with parents and leaders, sets up tutoring, along with countless other things. If he’s lucky, he gets to go to a soccer game or spelling bee of one of the children or youth here at Christ Church.